Mathieu Lévesque
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Mathieu Lévesque
Mathieu Lévesque

Mathieu knows how to rally the troops around his creative vision. He's demanding when it counts and that's why his work has perfect flavor in every bite. This technical master never leaves anything to chance. He strives to hit a home run on all of his projects and his success comes from caring about even the tiniest details.

Mathieu Lévesque
Inspired by life

Awards, & distinctions

  • Grand Prize Lux → Consumed
  • Grand Prize Lux → Terroir
  • Lux → Travel Design Awards
  • 2017
  • Applied Arts → Make-Up
  • Applied Arts → Interior design
  • Lux → Interior design
  • 2016
  • Grand Prize Lux → Le Lait
  • Applied Arts → Le Lait
  • Lux → RDV Design
  • 2015
  • Grand Prize Lux → Agnus Dei
  • Lux → Food Carving
  • Applied Arts → Food Carving
  • Lux → Pur Vodka
  • Lux → Formes et Réflexions
  • Applied Arts → Shapes
  • Lux → Le Beurre allume vos aliments
  • Lux → Les fromages d’ici
  • Applied Arts → Les fromages d’ici